About Me

Juliette J. Harris

I live to help others live their most blissful life in all the senses of the word. 

My path to Mentoring / Coaching wasn't a straightforward one. Prior to helping people, I was a Chief of Staff to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. While I loved the jobs, I didn't like working for some of the individuals. They sucked my joie de vivre. The more time passed, the more I realised I was tired of working for people who were ungrateful. 

It took my mother's passing, a narcissistic partner & a harrowing miscarriage for me to realise that I was deserving of a much better life. By admitting that I needed help to sort our my own life and aim for the stars, I got my first Coach. She opened my eyes to what my life could be.

I decided to change my career with the help of another coach and enrolled to be one myself. I started as a Happiness Coach but quickly the Universe had better plans for me &  I realised that I was gifted with a strong intuition and the ability to tap into people's energy field, also known as Clairsentience. A year later, my Clairvoyance (psychic abilities) kicked in.

I now use these gifts in my Mentoring / Coaching as they are primordial to me helping my clients live their best life.

Following a reshuffling of my life recently, because I am on a constant growth and live in the flow, I have split my business:

  • The Responsible Entrepreneur is where I help Successful Entrepreneurs invest in their own human potential while waking them up to the benefits of the human to human Economy. In other words, I help them get their shit together so that they can live a life of purpose in investing in human beings & leave a lasting legacy. 

  • The Happy Curator is where I help you gain your Naked Confidence and invest in your Self Love so that you can have the most Blissful Sex life. There are no taboos. You can talk to me about anything without any judgement whatsoever in a safe & confidential environment. When your wants & needs aren't met by your partner, you become frustrated.  That will impact your daily life, if that isn't the case already. My job is to show you the path to Sexual Bliss. Are you ready to walk it and reach Nirvana?

Juliette J. Harris


  • Happiness Life Coaching

  • Group Life Coaching

  • Relationship Workshop Facilitator for Life Coaches