Are you Ready to Be Unfuckwithable?


I'm Juliette J. Harris and I am The Be Unfuckwithable Coach & Mentor. I am also an Intuitive Coach and as such tap into my clients energies to better serve them. 

What does that mean exactly? Men & especially Women come to me when they truly want to be at peace and in touch with themselves, so that nothing anyone says or does bothers them.

Being Unfuckwithable is a Mindset; one that shows you what you are capable of achieving while living a peaceful, drama free life. 

My coaching is tailored to my clients specific needs. It's always one on one. Their issues aren't completely the same as someone else's. Giving my undivided attention to one client at a time is my golden rule. Each of them is unique and each one has their own individual path.

I offer different plans depending on where people are in their life. I only work with people who are ready to fully commit to growing and go on their self discovery journey in order to lead an empowered life with zero fucks given. 

Every aspect of their lives is discussed. No subject is left unaddressed. As I am an Intuitive Coach who taps into my clients' energies, I am able to understand where their real blocks are. Their guides also help me to give them the messages that they need to hear in order to expand.


When working with me, you need to feel safe and heard. For that reason it's imperative to have a Coffee Chat prior to booking me as your coach. Coaching isn't for everyone. If I feel that I am not the right person for you, I will recommend someone else. 

About  Me

For as long as I remember, I’ve always had the need to understand life.

The day I stopped (because: insert all BS excuses) is the day I internally died and lost myself...


Now, let me tell you a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became an Intutive Happiness Coach & Mentor...



“I was feeling a bit lost and not in control of my life and found Juliette's website.

I had some great coaching from her which came at a time where I was facing a crossroads in life. Juliette' compassion, guidance and creative techniques have really touched me and given the confidence to take ownership of my life's decisions. Juliette is an inspiring woman. "

Monica F.