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“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”  John Lennon

Being happy has always been my priority. When it wasn't, I suffered the consequences and lost myself. It took losing my last parent and being confronted with my mortality to get myself back on track. With that came many sleepless nights and a bucket load of questions. Unknowingly the Universe had my back and made sure I met the people (the good and the bad) who would help me grow as a person. 

My path to spirituality started by bumping into a Shaman, reading several books, getting my painful wrist fixed by an energy healer, and having nearly everything taken away from me. 

When we make the conscious decision of wanting better and to be at the top of our game, the Universe can have a weird sense of humour. It will clear everything and everyone that is holding us down. It'll send us spinning in all directions. I call it the WTF moment. It's completely disconcerting.
When no one in my entourage could explain why that was happening, I started seeking answers. Unfortunately they were far in between. People who had a massive part in my life disappeared. I realised much later that they were angry with me. By going on my journey, I was forcing them to look at their life. Most didn't want to question their status quo, people don't like change. They like the comfort zone and feeling safe. Dumping me and blaming me for everything was easier. I suddenly realised that the Universe was getting rid of the toxicity that was surrounding me. Harsh move but necessary. We can't evolve if we keep doing the same things.

My life slowly started to get back on track but I was still not where I wanted to be. I was continually trying to make sense of things. Jobs, people, new surroundings would come and go. I was exhausted. With that came many questions that were left unanswered. The more I asked why and how, the more confused I was. Trying to control my life and get back to a 'normal' that I knew was unknowingly not working for me. Someone pointed out that I needed to surrender. You should have seen my face. I thought they were mad. Then one day, out of exasperation, I gave up and told the Universe: "You freaking win! I bloody surrender, whatever the hell that means!!' 

That was my 'tada' moment. Things started shifting in the right direction. While I was still on shaky grounds, I realised that until I fully trusted, I wouldn't be able to step entirely into my power. Trusting the Universe that it has your back can be the hardest thing to do but the beauty that comes from doing so is magnificent and rewarding. 

What I have discovered, the very hard way, is that life throws us curve balls until we have learned the lessons. We can choose to go on the journey or we can bury our head in the sand, the choice is ours. The question is: do we want a life of discontentment and unease or a seemingly flowing and aligned one? 

It took me a while to grasp that every time I was unhappy or that things weren't going in the right direction, it was my Soul throwing a tantrum. When I go against my Soul, the shit show that ensues is painful and not worth it. Now, I will pause and ask if that is what they want or if it's my ego who does. My ego is getting used to the fact that it isn't ruling my life anymore. There has been some teething issues for sure but there also has been a lot more joy, contentment and happiness. It's all been worth it. 

I've gone from a life of working for others whose behaviours and demands, I endured because they were paying me to serve them, to a life of jumping out of bed with joy every morning and fulfilling my purpose. I only serve when it feels aligned not because I need to. 

Since I started coaching and mentoring others, my methods have continually evolved because constant growth is part of my life. Learning and expanding is at the core of my business.  

I've studied to become a coach. While I decided that I wanted out of my old life, it took me a while to pursue coaching and find the right methodology that I wanted to learn and use. My coaching started as textbook linear. I applied my knowledge and I ticked the boxes that I was taught to tick. My clients would happily transform in front of my eyes. But deep down I knew something was missing from my coaching and that I wasn't truly aligned.  
Then one day, something happened while I was coaching. Words were suddenly coming out of me and I had no idea why I was speaking them. I paused and proceeded to tell my client that I had no idea why I was saying that. My client looked bemused and started crying. I felt horrible and profusely apologised. In between tears, they mumbled that it was the first time that someone truly understood them. My words fully resonated with them. I was reassured that I hadn't gone mental but I didn't grasp totally what had happened during that session.
The same thing occurred with another client. It suddenly dawned on me that I was tapping into my clients' energy fields and could deeply sense what they needed. Their energy was telling me why they were sitting in front of me.

When we undoubtedly surrender to the experience, it suddenly shows us the pathway to a better, easier and empowered life. 


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