Exclusive Services

How I serve people who want more out of their lives.

Free Consultation

Book a Zoomee and let's have a chat. 

I know that taking this first step can be daunting. Reaching out for help isn't easy but think of the fun insightful conversation we will have. I will give you a couple of tips that you will be able to implement right away. What are you waiting for?


Mediumship Reading

Every month I have a few sessions that I dedicate only to Mediumship Readings. Click here if you'd like to book a session.


3 Sessions to a Blissful Sexual Life

3 Sessions is only what it takes to have you live your most Blissful Sexual Life. Please book a Free Consultation before booking these as I don't work with everyone. 



Every week, I have two rooms with Tania Nishi where we talk about life, self love, sex and many other things. We are passionate about helping others. 

Do join the conversation as it will give you a chance to get to know us and ask us all the questions that you'd like answered. These rooms are a safe place where we ask people not to share with third parties what was talked about.