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    1 hr 30 min

    350 British pounds

In this 90 min session, we will look at what is making you resist your need for change. It could be linked to different things.

- Fear of being judged for wanting to shift things.

-Limiting Beliefs: Are they serving you or are they holding you back?

- Self-doubt & Confidence: Are you questioning yourself all the time? 

- Passion/Purpose: Are you feeling misaligned, dreading going to work and keep hitting the snooze button?

- Lack of honesty/Truth: Are you standing in your power and living your life on your own terms or living someone else's life?

- Environment: Are bullies and trolls bringing you down as you don't know how to handle them?

- Negative Thinking: Are you stressed and anxious? 

- Bad Habits: Are they holding you back and blocking you from pushing you towards your goals?

- Love Life: Are you tired of attracting the wrong person?

- Sex Life: Do you crave something else but don't know how to tell your partner for fear of being judged?

- Toxic Relationships: Is your family or your partner toxic but you don't know how to leave them? 

One session will not be enough to take you were you want to be but it will give you an insight as to what isn’t working for you anymore and will hopefully let you see that you can be the person that you want to be and that the world needs

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